Recipe for my favorite dessert, first this was just a fantasy recipe but since then I've made it and it really is sooooo goooooood, but soooo unhealthy ;-)

Sweet dishes from The Netherlands for 1 person, suitable for for christmas and other holidays, for children or prepare with children.


  • 1 bar milk chocolate
  • some cream
  • some butter
  • home made whipped cream, slightly sweetened
  • some good vanilla ice cream
  • some deep red large strawberries (or blueberries)
  • some roughly chopped walnuts or almonds
  • honey


Melt chocolate and dip in strawberries then put them in the fridge.

Add cream to chocolate and keep warm, if needed add more cream/butter.

Melt butter with sugar and let caramelize, beware don't get this on you! Add almonds/walnuts and cover and leave to cool.

To serve. Scoop some ice on a plate, arrange strawberries around ice then drizzle with sauce and sprinkle nuts around.

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